art installations

The term installation refers to a genre of visual art that developed within the eclectic sphere of Contemporary Art, in which different languages and techniques often combine to provide new forms of creativity, the most innovative examples being video-art, happenings, performance art, digital art and, my area of interest here, installations. I am happy to remain strictly in my field of photography, and as a result I find installations particularly appealing: one of their fundamental features is that they involve the viewer as their main subject. In this case, the viewer is a photographer who takes the liberty of reinterpreting these works in a personal way. An installation is generally a three-dimensional artwork; it can include a whole variety of mediums, objects and forms of expression. Often it is permanent, but it might also be itinerant or temporary. An installation’s interaction with its surroundings is crucial; that is what distinguishes it from other three-dimensional art, such as sculpture. The works I have photographed were random encounters; without seeking out the most acclaimed art installations, I have always found interesting inspiration even in minor exhibits. As in other areas, I often find I am drawn to unassuming yet visually stimulating subject matter.
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