food for thought

Every single picture in this gallery suggests a different thought. Every image evokes the huge variety of questions we face each day, as we are immersed in the complexities of modern life. The themes couldn’t be more different from each other: serial consumption; the variety of lifestyles; time; marketing and communication; environmental concerns; but also sentiment, irony, a touch of psychedelia, a few nods to politics… ending with mystery. The gallery opens with an example of art which is, presumably, conceptual – for we read: THINK! A piece that evidently still wants us to reflect on the relationship between the spectator and the work of art. That is precisely what I am not interested in. My photos do not go in this metalinguistic direction – they are more concerned with semantics. My hope is that they might convey emotions; I am confident that they stimulate the imagination and, these pictures in particular, provoke reflection too. Some of them were planned in advance. Other times, I captured the implicit messages in the subjects while taking the picture, or even picked up on their semantic significance only later when choosing the title.
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