glimpses of architecture

As a young man, it was an arduous choice to give up studying Architecture when I realized that my true passion was Visual Arts; nevertheless I studied architecture for my Art History exams, and it was one of my favourite subjects. I believe it has always influenced my approach to photography. Architecture photography is a genre I practice with complete dedication and devotion, perhaps to compensate for my regret at not having become an architect. Today, the introduction of CAD and technological research into materials have led to increasingly astounding solutions. The various forms of contemporary architecture – some critics group them under the umbrella term ‘modern pluralism’ – all have one thing in common: their power of attraction. It seems that in the age of the image, even architectural works have to adapt to the visual competition. For a photographer, they offer infinite opportunities to creatively reinterpret bio-morphisms; structures that appear to defy gravity; ever more improbable geometric shapes and curves; utterly original angles and effects of the light. I position myself on the spot that offers the most striking view of the architecture, and shoot the elements that best allow me to convey my sense of wonder. Hence my pictures range from total, global views of various types of buildings, to details (sometimes portions of larger spaces) that contain a wide range of graphic patterns. Every so often, you will notice some nods to the past. When gazing in admiration at great, epoch-defining structures, one hopes they will endure for eternity.
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