landscapes & postcards

These photographs were all shot outdoors, mostly using wide-angle lenses that help heighten the sense of space and the vastness of our natural surroundings. In a handful of cases I used zoom lenses from afar, to isolate specific subjects within the infinite horizon. The photos I am presenting here were taken on my travels. I have chosen them to convey the visual emotion I felt at the time. Some simply describe the overwhelming beauty of matchless natural scenery; others take advantage of unusual atmospheric conditions that alter the landscape; others still are aimed at leading the viewer to reflect on the unique characteristics of the places I’ve photographed. We should also remember that the world contains less appealing panoramas too; these challenge the creative photographer to look for the most suitable stylistic approaches, to elevate them above their apparent insignificance. I admit that when it comes to choosing my travel destinations, I tend to opt for beauty instead.
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