love nature

I live in an urban environment. When I leave the city I seek out places where I can not only get a breath of fresh air, but also, hopefully find interesting subjects to photograph. Sometimes they are completely natural, like the desert sand dunes that are perpetually remodelled by the wind. Other times, I note with dismay the devastating impact of civilization on nature; like the trade in blue pebbles, taken from a beach that will never again be different and unique. More often, though, I come up against a hybrid reality; such as when trees have been felled, revealing unexpected geometries.
It is widely believed that human endeavours to control and manage the balanced ecosystem began thirteen thousand years ago. That is when mankind, who had lived nomadically until that point, discovered farming and began to settle. This process underwent a sudden acceleration with the industrial revolution, becoming increasingly complex after the advent of technology. The exploitation of natural resources has often been a response to short-sighted economic calculations. Only recently has there been a growing awareness of the irreversible damage that such an approach can cause. Alas, even nowadays, too many people fail to realize we have no other choice but to respect and love nature.
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